There’s a Buzz about Regent Street

For the first time in its history Regent Street has its own honey bees, and the bees have one of the best addresses above London's premier shopping destination.

20 August 2009

As part of a pilot scheme to encourage biodiversity there is a hive housing 7,000 honey bees, so while shoppers below visit Regent Street the bees go about their daily business of producing honey.

David Shaw, Head of Regent Street Portfolio at The Crown Estate said: "Regent Street is pleased to offer the bees space in London's premier international destination - all we ask in return is some jars of quality Regent Street honey."

The honey bees have settled in well on the roof above Regent Street. They are being fed with sugar-syrup solution to build up the strength of the worker bees.

The colony is quite small by bee standards. The brood box where the queen lives is helping the colony to build up numbers so that in a few weeks time a super (another box over the top of the brood box) can be added. The colony of bees have multiplied and have started producing honey.

The bees are enthusiastically collecting pollen from the small garden near the hive which has a mixture of lavender, origanum, nepeta, thyme, sedums, salvia uliginosa and verbena bonariensis which adds flavour to the honey.

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