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View of planters and roofs

Case study

Sea, Land and City

The Crown Estate is supporting an upcoming documentary called 'Sea, Land, City', that will showcase UK solutions to the threats we are facing with nature and biodiversity in the UK.

Series such as David Attenborough’s Wild Isles have made audiences aware that the UK is one the most nature depleted countries on earth, but what can we do about that?

With The Crown Estate’s diverse portfolio which includes city and town centres, agriculture land and the seabed, the connection between these ecosystems needs to be at the heart of how we approach nature recovery for the UK.

That is why we are thrilled to support an upcoming adventure and documentary, ‘Sea, Land and City’, alongside Triodos Bank and distributed by Waterbear, to spotlight powerful nature positive solutions across South-West England.

Produced by Wonderoom, the documentary will aim to generate public awareness and business support for under-represented nature-based solutions that are at the heart of what it will take to turn our nature-depleted country around and restore our connection to nature.

From tripling the size of the UK’s temperate rainforest, to restoring the South Coasts’ lost sea grass and kelp forests, to growing access to regenerative food in a changing climate — the documentary will feature some of the most exciting projects with the potential to lead big impact. The team led by Mairead Cahill, Founder of Wonderoom, will trek, climb, wade and forage their way through the region to meet exceptional projects and the people behind them and give the audience a direct and intimate experience of nature restoration in action.

The documentary will begin filming in Spring 2024 and will air globally on WaterBear.

Our strategy in action

We make the most of our unique attributes and diverse national portfolio to generate wide and lasting value.