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Underwater kelp farm with sun shining from above


Data & evidence

Investing in marine data and evidence to drive change and promote sustainable ways in the use of data.

We have been investing in marine data and evidence for over 20 years. We do this in collaboration with others to drive change and to promote sustainable ways in how we collect, share and use data. 

With an increasingly busy seabed and the dual crisis of climate change and biodiversity loss, it is critical that development decisions are based on data and evidence to maximise growth in secure, affordable green energy, whilst also protecting and restoring the UK’s thriving marine ecosystems. 

We have a unique position as the manager of the seabed around England, Wales and Northern Ireland to take a long-term view across many sectors, interests and industries. As trusted experts on the seabed, we recognise the importance of bringing together a wide range of marine stakeholders - from governments and developers, to academics and environmental groups - to make efficient use of data, address evidence gaps and drive positive change in the sustainable development of the seabed. 

Marine Data Exchange

Created by The Crown Estate in 2013, the Marine Data Exchange is a world-leading database of research and evidence, freely available to everyone. Watch our video to learn more.

£50 million

Investment in the Offshore Wind Evidence and Change programme to ensure the sustainable growth of offshore wind

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Our approach to data and evidence

Learn about how we work with others to use data and drive change, and develop best-in-class tools to support sustainable data collection.


  • Chelsea Bradbury

    Senior Marine Data & Insights Manager, Planning & Technical

  • Michelle Moore

    Technical & Spatial Planning Director