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Sea anemones on rocky areas

Data & evidence

World-leading marine industry survey data

Developed in 2013 as the first of its kind, the Marine Data Exchange manages marine industry survey data, research and evidence.

By working with our customers and stakeholders to make data and evidence publicly available we hope to drive the sustainable development of the seabed, whilst protecting the UK’s precious marine environment for future generations.

Today the Marine Data Exchange is the world’s largest collection of marine industry survey data. It contains over 200 terabytes of survey data collected throughout the lifecycle of UK offshore projects as well as new research that addresses evidence gaps.

By making this wealth of data freely available through cutting-edge technology, we give offshore projects in the UK a valuable head start, helping those involved to make informed, evidence-based decisions and address consenting and planning challenges.

We know that there is huge potential for the Marine Data Exchange to further unlock value on the seabed and are continuing to develop the platform alongside the needs and requirements of our customers and stakeholders.

Infographic of survey themes

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