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Offshore wind farm and sea


Offshore wind

Playing a key role in supporting the UK's position as a world leader in offshore wind development.

Our Marine business plays a key role in supporting the UK’s position as a world leader in offshore wind development. Our work is making the country’s energy supply more sustainable and secure and is a major driver in the UK’s fight against climate change.

We work closely with industry and stakeholders to address the competing needs for seabed space. Supporting nature and the rich biodiversity of our seas, and helping to rejuvenate local economies and communities by supporting the development of new jobs and industries sits at the heart of what we do.

Our role includes identifying and leasing suitable seabed sites for development, awarding rights for extensions to existing projects, facilitating test and demonstration opportunities, as well as working with partners to build evidence, share data and support innovation to enable the responsible and coordinated growth of the offshore wind sector.

Find out more about offshore wind activities below.

Offshore Wind Report 2023

Our annual Offshore Wind Report provides a picture of the UK offshore wind industry, using our own and publicly available data.

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Offshore wind activities

  • Playing our part in the growth of offshore wind

    Download (105KB)
  • UK offshore wind farm projects from leasing rounds through to operational phases

    Download (211KB)
  • Overview of UK offshore wind development pipeline

    Download (89KB)
  • Statement of intent for OSW development with Department for the Economy Northern Ireland

    Download (707KB)
  • Guide to archaeological requirements for offshore wind farm projects

    Download (6687KB)
  • Offshore Renewables Protocol for Archaeological Discoveries (Wessex Archaeology)

    Read more
  • Cable route identification and leasing guidelines

    Download (1590KB)

Leasing activities

Read about our ongoing leasing activities