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We create brilliant places for people to visit, work, shop and do business.

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Our portfolio spans prime retail centres across the UK, world-class destinations in Central London, rural and coastal land, and much of the country's seabed. 

We take a long-term, considered and collaborative approach that creates value for our customers, partners and local communities.

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Our portfolio covers central London, retail across the country and offshore wind; we also have a substantial rural and coastal portfolio, and manage the seabed around England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Our Future Retail Destinations competition with @ArchitectsJrnal came to a conclusion with a creative charrette that saw 6 finalists reimagining retail park in 2030 and beyond. 

30th July 2018

Happy Birthday to Rushden Lakes

It’s been one year since we welcomed our first visitors at this unique shopping and leisure destination. Happy birthday Rushden Lakes!  https://bit.ly/2K4QVRr  

#Rushden #RushdenLakesTurnsOne

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