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Decarbonising our business

By reducing our energy consumption and improving the efficiency of our real estate and wider operations, we will minimise our environmental impact.

Our portfolio includes historic buildings, tenanted farms and the seabed. We’re committed to being a leader in carbon reduction across all our sectors. We aim to refresh our carbon targets for all our business areas by March 2024. Please read our net zero update for more information.

  • 1.5%

    annual reduction in our energy consumption in 2022/23

  • 98%

    of our electricity was bought from renewable sources

  • 90%

    of our energy use is from our historic London portfolio

In 2022/23, we delivered a 1.5% reduction in our energy consumption. While below our goal of 5%, we have gained valuable insights that will help us achieve greater improvements in the future.

Solar panels, wind turbines and biomass generators have been installed at our sites. These contribute increasingly to our renewable energy mix. The biomass heating system at the Windsor Estate led to an annual reduction in both electricity (43%) and gas (85%). Across our organisation, 98% of our electricity was bought from renewable sources.

Our biggest challenge is improving the energy efficiency of heritage buildings. Our historic London portfolio represents around 90% of our energy use, making it a critical challenge of our path to zero emissions. We continue to work with organisations with shared challenges.

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