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Crowd of people in Jermyn Street

Property & Places

Our approach

We want to make a positive difference through our property and places.

We are passionate about caring for and improving the land we own so that it can deliver value today and for future generations.

We have a diverse and exciting portfolio of properties and places, from iconic locations like Regent Street and St James’s in the heart of London, to our 17 regional retail and leisure destinations, to development opportunities across the country.

Through our property and places, we want to make a positive difference. We want to make sure London remains a world-class city by creating a more vibrant and inclusive destination for visitors and businesses, and create opportunities for communities across the country to thrive by supporting regeneration, housing and innovation.

We are committed to creating places that benefit everyone. Alongside bringing skills, training and employment opportunities to the people who use our places, we want to build destinations that people feel proud to be part of, where nature is valued, and where a more accessible, inclusive and healthier life can be lived.