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We are well placed to support growth and investment through creating sustainable development opportunities.

As one of the nation’s largest landowners, occupying a unique space between the public and private sectors, we are well placed to support growth and investment across the country through creating sustainable development opportunities.

We are focused on designing developments that deliver for communities and people, support innovation through sustainable technologies, and deliver value through nature recovery, jobs, skills, and training opportunities.


Our vision is to support London's renewal, ensuring that it continues to be locally relevant and globally distinctive. Using our role as custodians of some of London’s best places to live, shop, and work – we take a holistic approach to development and investment to help curate places that deliver broader benefits, including social and environmental value.

Our wider approach focuses on creating a sense of ‘Place’, bringing together our buildings with the spaces in between through the curation of ‘Districts’. Our development pipeline plays an important role as part of this in enabling value, creating sustainable developments that make a lasting contribution to the future of this world-class city.

Working with our neighbours, customers and partners – we want to look beyond a ‘building-by-building' approach to tie our investment with existing cultural institutions and heritage, alongside amazing activations and curation. Creating lasting connections with our places, ensuring that they continue to be welcoming and accessible, whilst responding to our shared challenges to support sustainability and growth.

Our investment seeks to deliver tangible improvements to the Regent Street and St James’s neighbourhoods - making meaningful contributions to our local communities, through employment and skills, air quality and biodiversity. All whilst respecting the rich heritage of our buildings, responding to the need to protect and enhance much loved historic facades well into the future.

Every workplace, retail space and area of public realm that we develop aims to respond to the needs of people visiting, working and living in London for generations to come. Ensuring that everyone can enjoy a healthier and greener city where habitat conservation and creation can thrive. 

We are seeking to achieve this by collaborating with leading architects, and teams who are visionary in their approach and experienced in revitalising heritage buildings, we ensure that sustainable design is embedded from the outset. As well as working closely with our neighbours and communities to look beyond just our buildings and spaces.

Click here to see our plans for the future of Regent Street, Haymarket and Piccadilly public realm.


New Zealand House


We are focusing our regional ownership and activities in places where we believe we can best support both national needs, such as economic growth and housing, and the needs of the local communities we operate in. This means we are investing in creating places where people can live, places where industry can prosper and places where innovation can thrive, often bringing partners together to achieve better outcomes. Our developments are not just about buildings, we are focused on the broader environmental and social impact we can create, with a nature-sensitive approach to regeneration.

Our strategic land portfolio offers the potential to deliver c. 20,000 new homes in urban fringe and rural locations, as well as almost three million sq ft of commercial and non-residential space over the next 20 years.

We’ve identified a long-term pipeline of potential opportunities in our ownership to increase the quality and supply of the UK’s housing stock, support regional economic growth, and invest in high-growth areas like science and innovation. This includes:

Land to the east of Hemel Hempstead. A 340-hectare site situated at East Hemel which forms the first phase of Hemel Garden Communities and has the potential to accommodate approximately 4,000 homes.

Cambridge Business Park. Located at the heart of the emerging North East Cambridge Area Action Plan, we believe it presents a significant opportunity to transform the area into a leading innovation district. We want it to be a place where innovation, communities and nature thrive.

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    Clare Harrison

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