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Responsible business

We’re committed to health, safety, ethical and inclusive practices across our business and supply chain.

We want to be a leader in creating physical and cultural environments where people can thrive. We also want to bring our value of care to life in a way that inspires and challenges the industries we work in.

Health and safety

Our commitment to “Safety First” aims to put health and safety at the centre of our decisions. By considering how we protect and care for people in everything we do, we can ensure that we’re not only a successful business, but also have a positive and lasting impact on our supply chain and connected industries.

Our approach has three key strands. First, we want to create the right building blocks for success to make sure we have strong foundations to protect people and manage ongoing risk. Second, we want to inspire exemplary safety leadership ensuring our people have the right capacity and tools to take an exemplary approach. Third, we want to promote innovation in health and safety and support the industries we work in to create lasting improvement in protecting people.

  • 0.17

    Our 2022/23 Accident Frequency Rate (2021/22: 0.58)

  • 0.34

    Our 2022/23 Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (2021/22: 0.61)

Supplier Charter

We’re committed to amplifying our impact through working with our supply chain and collaborating with suppliers who share our vision and values.

Our Supplier Charter embodies our purpose, core values and priorities, and sets clear expectations about how they should apply across our whole supply chain. This includes specific requirements for suppliers to demonstrate their commitment to our priorities in key areas including:

  • health, safety and wellbeing;

  • sustainability;

  • ethical and inclusive practices;

  • privacy and information security; and

  • innovative business practices.

Through the Supplier Charter, we emphasise the significance of transparency, accountability, and responsible practices among all our delivery partners.

Read our Supplier Charter

We are also proud to be part of the Buy Social Corporate Challenge. Led by Social Enterprise UK in partnership with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, we part of a collection of businesses aiming to collectively spend £1 billion with social enterprises through their procurement. In our first year in the challenge, we spent around £749,000 with social and not-for-profit organisations.