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Minecraft education still

Minecraft Education

We have partnered with Microsoft UK to build two Minecraft Education worlds

Protecting the UK’s natural habitat and building climate resilience in support of a net zero future is at the core of what we do. Through our partnership with Microsoft UK, we’ve developed two new Minecraft Education worlds to educate and inspire young people aged 7 – 14 to develop green skills through immersive and interactive game-based learning.

The two worlds, Offshore Wind Power Challenge and Conservation Quest at Windsor Great Park, enable students to develop knowledge and skills around climate change and the natural environment, and to consider careers in areas such as engineering, sustainability and conservation.

From the challenges of planning offshore wind farms and protecting the marine environment to focusing on conservation and ecology at Windsor Great Park, young people can gain insights and deepen their understanding of the urgent and complex issues of climate change and nature protection and learn about some of the things currently being done to help address them.

Conservation Quest at Windsor Great Park

In game still of Minecraft education conservation quest at Windsor great park

Become a conservation apprentice at Windsor Great Park to protect nature and increase biodiversity in the park. Through a series of quests, learn about the water cycle, the aquatic food chain, the conservation code, and environmental management.

Each quest each has a curriculum-linked lesson plan for either 7 – 11 or 11 – 14 year olds, which build on the learning in the gameplay.

Download here

Offshore Wind Power Challenge

Offshore Wind Power challenge world in Minecraft Education

Design an offshore wind farm and see if you can power a coastal town, whilst protecting marine habitats. Learn about sustainability, renewable energy, and the design process used in green careers.

Each section has a curriculum-linked lesson plan and teaching materials for students aged 11-14, to build on the learning within the gameplay.

Download here

Download the worlds and how-to videos