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Sara Wood

Board Counsellor

Sara Wood

Sara was appointed as Board Counsellor on 1 July 2021.

Sara is a successful technology leader, high-growth business builder, and innovation strategist. She has over 25 years’ experience creating and scaling industry-transforming technology products, and has worked with businesses across all growth stages, from seed stage through series E, IPO and F500, in addition to non-governmental agencies.

Most recently, Sara has led Kaluza (an OVO company), the leader in intelligent energy platforms powering the future of the energy sector and driving decarbonisation. Prior to Kaluza, Sara was EVP at Farfetch, where she helped lead the company to a $9 billion IPO on the NYSE.

Sara has been a torchbearer for the investment in data-enabled platform technologies as the key for business expansion across sectors.

Amongst many advisory roles in the start-up world, Sara recently served as Chief Product Advisor for the UK Government and is a member of an EY innovation advisory board. She has wide-reaching non-executive and advisory experience ranging from Slack, Gates Foundation, the United Nations, WHO, Fastly, Kayak, EY, and the UK Government.

Key strengths

  • Inclusive design of systems

  • AI and Automation

  • Platform and Data

  • Software and Commercial Innovation

  • Experience

Our Board

Our Board has the balance of skills and backgrounds that are key to The Crown Estate's business and strategy.