Our business model

We seek to deliver our purpose through our strategy, enabled by our business model.

Taking a long-term view and working in partnership with our customers and wider stakeholders defines our approach to doing business, whether that is unlocking the value of the UK’s seabed, or creating mixed-use destinations that are relevant and valuable to local communities across the country.

Our competitive advantage comes from bringing our capabilities to bear on a diverse and world-class portfolio of assets, using scale and our expertise to generate outperformance and create value for our customers, stakeholders, environment and society.

Our Annual Report 2019/20

What we do


We buy assets through the market cycle where we have the scale and expertise to generate outperformance. We sell assets to recycle capital into the business, funding future acquisitions, our development pipeline and investment into our offshore wind and seabed activities.


Our development activity focuses on opportunities within our principal sectors. We unlock the value of the UK’s seabed and build destinations that are relevant and valuable to our customers, visitors and communities.


We aim to deliver exceptional service and create great experiences. Working alongside our customers, we look to refine and improve our offer in response to their needs and business objectives.

What we rely on and the value we create

We have identified six different resources and relationships which we draw on to create value; these are our capitals. Beyond meeting our income and total return targets we also consider the wider value we deliver against each capital.

Financial resources
The financial resources that are available to us to grow our business.


0.4% year-on-year increase in net revenue profit.

Physical resources
The land and property that we own and utilise.


purchases and capital expenditure.

Natural resources
The natural resources that we nurture, manage, use and impact to sustain our business.


directly managed Sites of Special Scientific Interest in favourable condition

Our people
The individual skills, competencies and experience of our people which create value.


of people who agree they have the opportunity for personal development and growth at The Crown Estate

Our know-how
Our collective expertise and processes which provide us with competitive advantage.


average training per staff member per annum

Our networks
The relationships we have with stakeholders, including customers, communities, and partners that are central to our business.


Net Promoter Score which tracks the loyalty that exists between provider and customer. This is compared to the Institute of Customer Service UK benchmark of 20.5 as at July 2019.

Our contribution to the Treasury

View our Total Contribution

Our annual net revenue profit is generated for the Treasury.

Reinvestment into the business

We access capital to invest in our portfolios, both through strategic partnerships and the sale of assets where we have completed our asset management plans.

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