Performance against targets

The past year has been one of transition as we put in place the foundations from which to deliver our new strategy. We’ve built new teams, grown our capabilities and established new ways of working.

As a result, while we undertook this transformation, we have kept similar performance measures in place, against which we report below, for 2021/22. For 2022/23 a series of new targets and key performance indicators will be set aligning to our new strategy.

Growth in net revenue profit

Our 2021/22 target

  • Achieve a net revenue profit of £269.0 million

How we performed this year


our net revenue profit

Total return

Our 2021/22 target

  • Outperform our MSCI bespoke total return benchmark on an annualised three-year rolling basis.

How we performed this year

6.0 percentage
points *

outperformance of our benchmark

*Without the impact of Offshore Wind Leasing Round 4, our outperformance would have been 0.3 (2020/21: 0.7).

Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) intensity

Our 2021/22 target

  • Reduce our Scope 1 and 2 (location-based) emissions intensity against our 2019/20 baseline.

How we performed this year


reduction in absolute GHG emissions intensity against the baseline

Customer satisfaction

Our 2021/22 target

  • Outperform the Institute of Customer Service benchmark of 78% (January 2022).

How we performed this year


of our customers are ‘satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’

Employee engagement

Our 2021/22 target

  • Outperform the UK national benchmark* for employee engagement of 80% (2021/22).
    * Provided by Willis Towers Watson

How we performed this year


of employees think The Crown Estate is a great place to work

Health and safety

Our 2021/22 target

  • Outperform a benchmark* of 0.50. Our Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) enables us to better assess any accident which has a material impact on our people and our supply chain employees.
    * Informal peer group benchmark established this year.

How we performed this year


our LTIFR, representing an underperformance against the benchmark

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