Our strategy

Guided by our purpose, our strategy sets out our approach to managing each of our business areas, so that we can create value for, and respond to the needs of, our customers, stakeholders, environment and society.

We believe that by acting responsibly and shaping our decisions around the needs of our customers and communities we can create long‑term value and build resilience.

Our external environment continues to face unprecedented levels of change, and that has never been more apparent than now. In light of this changing external context, both before and since the arrival of COVID‑19, we’re undertaking a deep review of our purpose, values and strategy, to set the long‑term direction of our business and ensure we are fit for the future.

This work has already helped us redefine our purpose - to create lasting and shared prosperity for the nation. You can read more about this here.

Our Annual Report 2019/20

Our purpose

To create lasting and shared prosperity for the nation

Material issues

In identifying our material issues we consider a broad range of factors affecting The Crown Estate, our customers and consumer behaviour, whether at a global, national, or local level, or internal to our business.
The resulting material issues are those which we consider as having the potential to materially affect our viability or our purpose.

These issues are also an important part of how we understand our risks and opportunities and how we develop our strategy.

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Our Group Strategy

We set our strategy by evaluating our external environment, considering the trends that are impacting our business, forming a strategic assessment of risks and opportunities and an understanding of how we can create value in the future. Our strategy is enabled by continued investment in our people and capabilities, ensuring we have the platform to position the business to deliver shared success for us and our stakeholders.

Our business model

We seek to deliver our purpose through our strategy, enabled by our business model, which shows what we do and how we create value for the nation.

We have identified six different resources and relationships which we draw on to create value, these are our capitals. We rely on these as vital inputs into our business model and are constantly transforming them through our activities.

Our capitals:

  • Financial resources
  • Our people
  • Physical resources
  • Our know-how
  • Natural resources
  • Our networks

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