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The Crown Estate exists to create lasting and shared prosperity for the nation. Our role as custodians of this extraordinary business is to take a broad view of how that value is defined.

We have set out a new way of articulating how we consider our ability to address the environmental and societal challenges of today alongside the financial and, in so doing, ensure that the value we generate for the public purse each year takes account of our impact in all three areas and is sustainable for the long term. This was our new purpose – to create lasting and shared prosperity for the nation. It is our ‘north star’ and guides every decision we make, ensuring environmental and social outcomes are intertwined with financial targets.

We can’t do this on our own, and our network of partners, suppliers, customers and stakeholders, along with our talented and dedicated colleagues, are central to our ability to make a difference.

Together we deliver our strategy which is focused on serving national needs where we have a clear role to play, ultimately delivering financial, environmental and social value for the nation. Our scale, diversity and convening power enable us to bring people together to develop and deliver innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to national challenges. By creating something better for future generations, we believe that we can deliver shared, sustainable value.

Hear from Judith Everett, Executive Director – Purpose, Sustainability & Stakeholder: 

Find out more about what we’re doing to deliver the broadest possible value, (financial, social, environmental) for our customers, partners and the nation.

Banner image: ©Underwater Photographer of the Year 2022 / Alison Pettitt


Financial value

We aim to balance short-term and long-term financial value, achieving returns today while also creating value for future generations

Read more about our Financial value

Environmental value

Our strategy is committed to help tackle the global climate and biodiversity crises by creating greener, healthier and more sustainable places

Read more about our Environmental value

Social value

Through tackling inequalities, putting health and safety first and foremost in our decision-making, and creating inclusive opportunities and outcomes, we will play a positive role for our stakeholders

Read more about our Social value

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