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Gender Pay

The gender pay gap looks at the difference in the average pay between all men and women in an organisation.

The gender pay gap looks at the difference in the average pay between all men and women in an organisation, taking account of the full range of jobs and salaries.

It is different from ‘equal pay’, which guarantees equal reward for men and women for doing the same or similar jobs, of equal value. 


What are we reporting?

The figures reported below show The Crown Estate’s Gender Pay Gap, in two ways – as a mean and median average.

The mean calculates the total amount earned across an organisation, divided by the number of people employed.

The median looks at all the salaries in the range and identifies the mid-point.  

Gender pay at The Crown Estate:

The UK’s average gender pay gap is estimated to be around 18%.

At The Crown Estate, our business-wide pay gap sits at -3%, meaning that on average, women are paid marginally more.

Across the many sectors and pay markets in which we operate, we work hard to ensure that salaries are consistently benchmarked against the market, irrespective of gender.

We also have three women (of four) on our Executive Committee, including our Chief Executive Alison Nimmo.

However, we recognise that there is still more work to do.

Crucially, a gap exists in the types of roles that men and women occupy. For example, while we have a higher proportion of women in our Operations team, in HR and Communications roles for example, the majority of our estate operations team at Windsor are male, as are a majority of our most senior staff in our London portfolio teams. 

This occupational gap, which we also see reflected in the broader economy, is a real challenge and means that we, along with our peers in the sector, must do more to help support a more diverse recruitment pool. Hosting mentoring and career events, to help promote opportunities and awareness is part of this and we work with the Taylor Bennett Foundation, Reading Real Estate ‘Pathways to Property’ and the ‘Into University’ programme with this in mind.

What else are we are doing to close the gap?

We are committed to promoting greater diversity and inclusion across our business, ensuring that men and women have equal opportunities, on recruitment, pay, and career progression. We know this is fundamental to helping us attract and retain talent and support a healthier, more productive workplace.

We have processes in place to help ensure gender equality, including:

  • A structured recruitment process, helping to support unbiased hiring decisions.
  • Independent salary benchmarking against the market, irrespective of gender.
  • Active monitoring of our talent pipeline, ensuring that employees of both genders have equal access to development and equal opportunity for progression.
  • A range of family friendly policies, including for maternity, paternity, shared parental leave and emergency care, helping to support work/life balance.

We also support organisations including Real Estate Balance and The Mentoring Foundation to promote development and progression of senior women in the sector.

Key stats:

  • Difference in mean pay between male and female employees: -3%
  • Difference in median pay between male and female employees: - 31%
  • Difference in mean bonus pay between male and female employees: 16%
  • Difference in median bonus pay between male and female employees: -12%
  • The proportion of males receiving a bonus: 84%
  • The proportion of females receiving a bonus: 72%

Proportion of males and females by pay quartile:


Pay band

No. of Men

No. of Women

A (lowest rewarded)









D (highest rewarded)



Beyond gender, we also recognise the importance of diversity in its broadest sense and we will continue to embed a fair approach which also addresses factors such as social inclusion, ethnicity and sexuality.

I confirm the data reported is accurate.

Judith Everett 

Chief Operating Officer

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