23 January 2019

Q&A with Isabelle Grieveson, Marine Data Research Intern

Meet Isabelle Grieveson, who joined us in November 2018 for an internship with the Energy, Minerals and Infrastructure (EMI) team, shortly after finishing an MSc in Biological Oceanography at The GEOMAR Helmholtz Institute for Ocean Research in Kiel, Germany.

Our EMI internships give talented recent graduates the opportunity to develop a live research project, gain relevant knowledge and experience of the sectors within which we work, develop their professional networks and learn more about how they can play a role in industry. In turn they bring fresh ideas, new perspectives and their research helps us to continue developing our knowledge and expertise.

Isabelle is particularly interested in seabirds interactions with offshore windfarms and how bird survey data held by The Crown Estate can be used to aid marine planning and help reduce consenting risks for developers. We asked Isabelle to share her experience of her time with us so far, and how, as a Marine Data Research Intern, she is using her skills and interest in marine data to rethink how open data is managed.

What is your role at The Crown Estate?
The Crown Estate holds an extensive collection of marine survey data within the Marine Data Exchange (MDE). This data is freely available to the public, whether they are a windfarm developer interested wind speed trends around the UK, or an academic, researching the behaviour of marine mammals. Sharing data in this way presents huge opportunities to improve the understanding of our marine environment, without repeating what are often costly and time consuming surveys. As Marine Data Research Intern, my role is to help make the available data easier to find and access. With such a large database of so many types of data and a very diverse range of users, this is no easy task. However it is also a very exciting challenge to take on with endless opportunities for improvement.

What are you currently working on?
I’m developing a new interactive data viewer which can be used to view and search for the survey data we hold in the MDE on a map. This has been a fascinating process, giving me the chance to learn new technological skills and come up with creative ideas for visualising the data clearly. It’s also been a great opportunity for me to learn from real experts in their field. In the next few weeks some of my team members in EMI will be testing out the data viewer for the first time, so I’m looking forward to getting some feedback and hearing new ideas for improvements.

What is a typical day for you?
The short answer is there is no typical day at The Crown Estate! That’s part of what makes my work here so interesting. In any one day I could be creating a dashboard to visualise the data held on the MDE, meeting with a consultant to optimise the data management process or developing a new interactive data viewer.

What do you enjoy the most about The Crown Estate?
Aside from loving the work that I do here, the thing I enjoy most about The Crown Estate is the open minded and friendly attitude of the people who work here. Change and innovation are welcomed and new ideas are encouraged with great enthusiasm.

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