24 June 2019

The Crown Estate to present its finalised tender design for Offshore Wind Leasing Round 4

The Crown Estate is to hold a market update event on the afternoon of Thursday 18 July 2019, offering potential market participants the opportunity to hear a face-to-face update from The Crown Estate on the outcome of its tender design work.

On the day, The Crown Estate will present an overview of its final tender design, including the updated tender process, bidding rules and commercial assessment mechanism – all of which have been further refined since April’s webinar, in light of feedback from market and stakeholders.

A final announcement on regions refinement (i.e. the areas of seabed to be made available to market as part of Leasing Round 4) will be made later this year, at the point of launch.

Following launch, The Crown Estate will also host a ‘Bidders Information Day’, to provide potential market participants with a comprehensive overview of the final end-to-end process, including detailed instructions and supporting information for each stage – ensuring that market participants have sufficient time and information to finalise their bidding strategy ahead of Invitation to Tender.  

The upcoming July event is specifically aimed at potential leasing process participants, including those who have taken part in previous engagement about the tender design of Leasing Round 4. Delegates are encouraged to register their interest to attend the July event via www.offshoreleasingevent.co.uk  by Thursday 4th July 2019. Places at the event will initially be limited to one place per market organisation, with additional spaces offered subject to availability.

More information on Offshore Wind Leasing Round 4 design work and engagement activity to date can also be found online at www.thecrownestate.co.uk/en-gb/what-we-do/on-the-seabed/energy/offshore-wind-potential-new-leasing/

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