04 May 2020

Our response to COVID-19

We wanted to share a short update on how we are responding to Covid-19 at The Crown Estate.

Through this challenging period, we remain focused on working closely with our people, customers, visitors and partners and their safety remains our first priority.  

We continue to monitor the situation closely so that we can respond in line with developing situation and the latest Government guidance.

For visitors to our places:

We are working closely with our customers and supply chain to help safeguard the health and wellbeing of all those who visit our places.  In line with government advice, a number of our destinations are now closed or partially closed until further notice, except for essential uses.  

At the current time, Windsor Great Park remains open to the public. However, we’re asking all visitors to ensure that they maintain appropriate social distancing at all times while in the park and to visit only if they can safely do so by bike or on foot. 

For our people and supply chain:

We are working closely with our teams, including those employed across our wider supply chain, to ensure we can look after the health and wellbeing of our people and minimise disruption wherever possible.

We have implemented remote working arrangements for the majority of our employees. We are also supporting our people to prioritise their mental health, wellbeing and caring responsibilities, through this challenging period.

Our teams and managing agents continue to be contactable by phone and email as usual.

For our customers:

We are deeply aware of the impact COVID-19 is having on many businesses, including many of our customers, and want to play our part to help where we can. 

We have been able to provide support to a large number of our customers. In doing so, we have sought to establish a fair and balanced approach that is sustainable through what could be an extended period of disruption.  We have focused our resources on supporting those businesses for whom our help can make the greatest difference, for example smaller, independent businesses who we believe are facing particular challenges at the moment.

For our community:

The impact of Covid-19 is also being felt across the communities where we operate.

We are providing support where possible, such as by enabling NHS employees to use our car parks where they are located near hospitals or other medical facilities, and offering space for testing or other medical uses.   

We are also supporting our own colleagues who are keen to make a positive contribution through volunteering in their local areas.

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