06 January 2021

Aggregates, potash and other minerals

Official announcements about projects or comments we may make on topics of discussion within the aggregates, potash and minerals industries, can be found here. 

Minerals Licensing Round 2018

Following market interest, The Crown Estate have conducted a comprehensive tender process relating to exploration for metallic minerals off the coast of Cornwall. Following the completion of the tender and an environmental assessment known as a plan level Habitats Regulations Assessment, we have issued Exploration & Option Agreements relating to the exploration for Lithium.

In order to proceed to commercial extraction all the milestones required for extraction rights from The Crown Estate will need to be met, as well as statutory planning and environmental consents from the relevant regulatory body, which would include consultation.

For further information, please see here, or if you would like more information please get in touch.


Update on the next marine aggregate tender round 

Following the successful completion of the 2018 Marine Aggregates tender, and our recent engagement with the sector, we can confirm that we intend to hold our next tender round during 2021/22. This process will offer applicants the opportunity to seek rights for the exploration of aggregates (sand and gravel) lying on or under the seabed, in offshore areas of English and Welsh waters.

Pre-qualification will commence in the spring of 2021, with the Invitation to Tender stage (ITT) beginning in the summer. Following tender evaluation and assessment, and subject to the requirements of a plan-level Habitats Regulations Assessment, rights could be awarded at the end of the summer of 2022. Successful applicants would then be required to obtain all relevant statutory consents prior to the commencement of activities.

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