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Our Business

We actively manage a UK real estate portfolio to create brilliant places for our customers, partners and communities.

What we do

The Crown Estate is a £14.1 billion UK real estate business with a portfolio unlike any other.

It includes some of central London’s best places to work, shop and visit; brilliant destinations
across the country and offshore wind. We also have a substantial rural and coastal portfolio,
and manage the seabed around England,Wales and Northern Ireland.

Established by an Act of Parliament, we return all our profit to Treasury for the benefit of the nation. This has totalled £2.7bn over the last ten years.


Net revenue profit was up 4.0% in 2017/18

How we do it

Our purpose is at the heart of how we do business: brilliant places through conscious commercialism.

By thinking bigger and taking a long-term view we create value for our customers, partners and the communities in which we operate.

Find out more about our business model and how we integrate sustainability into our approach.

Our people

We have a talented team of around 450 people, all committed to delivering brilliant places through conscious commercialism. 

Meet our senior leadership team and learn more about their story, where they've come from and what they're working on. 

Our people

Employee survey Great Place to Work score

Our values

We are guided by our values: commercialism, integrity and stewardship. These underpin our sustainable and long-term approach to how we do business.

More on our values

Find out what it's like to work at The Crown Estate

Our structure and governance

Good corporate governance is the cornerstone of how The Crown Estate operates. In line with our values we are committed to business integrate, high ethical values and professionalism across all of our activities. 

More about our structure and governance

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Our history

We take a modern approach to creating brilliant places, but our history and heritage date back hundreds of years.

Find out more about how The Crown Estate's history and key milestone here.

Our history

We have a rich history that dates back as far as 1066

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