Destinations for business and the space to succeed.

The west end is the commercial heart of London.

A vibrant neighbourhood for business, with iconic architecture and excellent infrastructure. Our workplaces in central London offer inspiring locations for business.

As a major long-term property owner, we take our role in London seriously. Across Regent Street and St James's, we have redesigned and transformed our historic buildings to meet the needs of today's businesses and their staff. Our high quality, well-designed workplaces range from the flexible and collaborative, to the bespoke and significant. We have also invested to enhance the public areas, streets and amenities of the west end, to ensure it remains an outstanding destination.

With more than 2.6 million sq ft of office space in central London, our job is to create the right environment for all our customers – from a single desk, to a large floor-plate HQ – so they can focus on what they do best; running their businesses.

Customers portals and information


The Crown Estate logo on a wall

Alex Kim

Customer Partnership Director, Workplace

portrait shot of C. Maude

Claire Maude

Customer Partnership Manager, Workplace

Portrait shot of S Stanley

Sarah Stanley

Customer Partnership Manager, Workplace

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