Offshore wind and CCUS co-location

Following the advice of the Climate Change Committee, both offshore wind and CCUS have a significant role to play in helping the UK achieve its net zero by 2050 obligations. As suitable space on the seabed is limited, and as capacities for both will need to increase to meet this target, it is anticipated that that there will be a number of areas that will require infrastructure in the same location.  

The Crown Estate is facilitating work to identify the key challenges and opportunities associated with the co-location of these two technologies, as well as solutions to help make this a reality where needed.   

In July 2021 we announced the formation of the Offshore Wind and CCUS Co-location Forum. Led by The Crown Estate, the Forum brings together the Oil & Gas Authority (OGA), the Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA), RenewableUK, Government and Crown Estate Scotland to provide strategic coordination of co-location research and activity and help maximise the potential of the seabed for these two critical activities. 

The Forum was developed in response to the recommendations of the ‘CCUS & Offshore Wind Overlap Study’ which examined the risks that may result from the development of offshore wind and CCUS projects in similar locations. The study was funded by The Crown Estate with support from Crown Estate Scotland and the OGA, and conducted by the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult together with the Net Zero Technology Centre. 

The study can be downloaded via the link in the panel opposite.


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