Offshore wind innovation and demonstration

Floating offshore wind


Early commercial-scale projects:

In December 2020 The Crown Estate invited the market to come forward with views on how best to accelerate the development of floating wind in the UK, including welcoming feedback on:

  • The scale of the opportunity for floating wind in the UK and the likely pipeline of projects between now and 2030;
  • How rights to develop floating offshore wind could be made available in a way that accelerates deployment and helps build a strong UK supply chain;
  • The likely impact of floating wind development on spatial and environmental considerations given an increasingly busy marine environment.

The survey has now closed and The Crown Estate has now (March 2021) confirmed its intention to design and deliver a new leasing opportunity for early commercial-scale floating wind projects in the Celtic Sea.


Test & demonstration projects: 

The Crown Estate is also exploring how best to support pre-commercial, smaller projects, that will continue to be an important part of developing new technologies for a range of seabed conditions and locations. 

In July 2021, The Crown Estate announced that 300MW of new projects, identified through our Test and Demonstration leasing opportunity, have the green light to progress to the next stage of assessment.

The three projects, each located in the Celtic Sea, satisfied the initial application criteria set out by The Crown Estate, demonstrating technical competence, delivery capability and technological innovation.

The next stage will see the projects subject to plan-level Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) to assess possible impacts on protected marine habitats. Subject to the outcome of this assessment, the applicants could then be granted seabed agreements for lease.

To view a map of current floating wind projects (in development, with an Agreement for Lease, or on the pathway to Agreement for Lease) click here



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