Offshore wind innovation and demonstration

Floating offshore wind: early commercial-scale projects

In December 2020 The Crown Estate asked the market to come forward with views on how best to accelerate the development of floating wind in the UK.

We invited views from the market on the following:

  • The scale of the opportunity for floating wind in the UK and the likely pipeline of projects between now and 2030;
  • How rights to develop floating offshore wind could be made available in a way that accelerates deployment and helps build a strong UK supply chain;
  • The likely impact of floating wind development on spatial and environmental considerations given an increasingly busy marine environment.

The survey has now closed and feedback received will directly inform our work on the potential design, scale and shape of any early commercial floating offshore wind leasing activity. Following this market engagement, a further update will be made next year to outline The Crown Estate’s intentions.

To achieve this, our 100MW capacity Test and Demonstration process for seabed rights will be temporarily paused for new applications. This provides greater freedom to consider a wider range of options for early commercial scale leasing, and manage how future seabed leasing for floating wind could best fit with existing offshore wind activities.

Seabed access for pre-commercial offshore wind testing and demonstration

Update: Please note that the offshore wind innovation and demonstration opportunity below is temporarily paused for new applications.

This is to provide the chance to assess the current state of play of the whole offshore wind pipeline and consider how future seabed leasing for early commercial floating wind projects could fit with existing activities offshore. 


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