Offshore wind innovation and demonstration

Seabed access for pre-commercial offshore wind testing and demonstration

As the UK’s offshore wind industry continues to evolve and mature we are working in partnership with the sector to facilitate and unlock opportunities for innovation including pre-commercial testing and demonstration.

Demonstrating the reliability and efficacy of innovations and cost reduction measures in the offshore environment is often the final step in proving a new technology and helps inform developers' procurement choices. It is part of driving cost reduction, boosting market confidence and encouraging investment in the sector.

We provide an on-going opportunity to access the seabed for the testing and demonstration of emerging offshore wind technologies including floating wind.

This opportunity is for the development of projects of up to 100MW capacity with a maximum of ten generation units using technologies which have not previously been deployed commercially and with the sole purpose of testing and demonstrating . 


How to apply

We ask that you complete a two-part application process. 

At the first stage, we request your details and an outline of the proposed project. Progress to the second stage is subject to stage 1 being passed (i.e. project criteria being met). 

At the second stage, we require further detail to form the basis of our assessment, including: your capability and experience of project development; details of management of health, safety and environment; a site selection study, and project delivery plan including technology selection, consenting, grid connection and cable routing; and financing, including development funding and provision of securities. An application fee is payable in advance of our assessment of stage 2. 

If you have any general enquiries about the application process, or would like to request an application pack then please contact us at [email protected]


Further information

When can I make an application?

This is an open opportunity and applications are welcome at any time. However, depending upon where and when interest is raised, other activities may lead us to coordinate applications with other, wider activities.

Is a plan level Habitats Regulations Assessment required?

We do not consider that this opportunity currently constitutes a “plan” under the Habitats Regulations. We have therefore not undertaken a plan-level Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA). We will keep the position under review as and when applications are received and will continue to work closely with the Statutory Nature Conservation Bodies.

Is this opportunity open to floating wind technologies?

Yes, we welcome applications for floating wind technologies.





Photo credit: Equinor

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