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Offshore wind new leasing: Spring/Summer 2019

During Spring/Summer 2019, we are continuing our work to refine proposals for Round 4, reflecting the feedback received from our November engagement with market and stakeholders.

As this work progresses, we will continue to provide updates on this section of our website, ensuring our latest proposals are available to market, stakeholders and interested organisations.

Market Feedback Webinar (29th April)

On 29 April, we presented a market update, via a webinar, on our plans for new offshore wind leasing, summarising the feedback we have received from developers since our November engagement events and confirming how this will be taken forward in our updated tender design.

The presentation shared a series of refinements and clarifications on our draft proposals for Round 4, reflecting the comments received.

The webinar and slides are available here. The agenda of the recording is as follows:

  • 00:00 Welcome
  • 04:07 Context and objectives
  • 07:16 November 2018 engagement and common themes from your feedback
  • 14:19 Our updated proposals
  • 15:46 Our updated proposals: Who can bid?
  • 20:50 Our updated proposals: PQQ criteria
  • 28:08 Our updated proposals: Approach to ITT
  • 32:12 Our updated proposals: Approach to Tender parameters
  • 42:16 Our updated proposals: Approach to AfL and Lease terms
  • 44:52 Timeline, other leasing activities and next steps
  • 50:20 Q&A

Stakeholders Update Webinar (9th May)

On 9 May, we provided an update to stakeholders on how their feedback has influenced our work, and our next steps and timeline.

The slides for this presentation and a summary of the Q&A are available for download. 

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