Our role in offshore wind

The UK is home to the world’s leading offshore wind sector; already meeting 8% of national electricity demand and on track to meet 33% by 2030.
Hear our team explain The Crown Estate’s role in this remarkable sector, unlocking the extraordinary potential of our seabed, to deliver clean, affordable, home-grown energy.

 Footage courtesy of E.ON, Equinor, London Array and Ørsted.

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What we do on the seabed

More than just offshore energy, we also play an active role on the UK seabed in marine aggregates and cables and pipelines, as well as look after much of the UK foreshore.

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Offshore Wind Leasing Round 4

Round 4, our first leasing opportunity in a decade, creates the opportunity for at least 7GW of new projects in the waters around England and Wales, delivering a robust pipeline for low-cost offshore wind development

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sunny view of the sea, a boat passing a wind turbine closely, with more wind turbines in the background

Marine Data Exchange (MDE)

We created this resource to store, manage and share offshore survey data collected by our customers throughout the lifetime of their projects. By making this data freely accessible, MDE is helping reduce survey costs and de-risk investment offshore.

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