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Our commitment to customers

We are committed to building ever stronger relationships through high levels of customer and partner satisfaction and loyalty.

What you can expect from us

We understand that the work we put in each day has a direct impact on the success of our customers business and the customers they serve.

We have clearly set out what you can expect from us as a customer, and what we expect our partners and staff to deliver, in our Customer Promises. These are:

We recognise what matters to you
We want our customers to feel understood, respected and valued. So we take an interest, invest the time to listen, and think long term. We’re open and honest, and we keep you informed on issues you care about. And we always act considerately, even if sometimes we can’t do exactly what you want.

We make ourselves easy to deal with
We want our customers to be able to get things done quickly and simply. So we try to make dealing with us fast and convenient. We make our processes feel as seamless as we can. We strip out unnecessary jargon, rules and obstacles. And we respond swiftly and flexibly.

We commit to high standards
We want our customers to feel confident that we offer high quality in everything we do. So we commit to excellence in how we do business. We employ highly professional people. And we try to be exemplary in the service we provide, and in how we manage our property, estates and other assets.

We respond to problems quickly
We want you as our customers to trust that we’ll do what we say. So we apologise if things do go wrong and focus on putting it right. We take responsibility for driving issues through to a successful conclusion, even when we’re relying on partners to fix things. We communicate clearly about what’s happening and what you can expect. And we collaborate to prevent the same things happening again.     

We drive ourselves to keep doing better
We want our customers to feel that their engagement of dealing with us keeps improving. So we are open minded about new ways of doing things and keen to hear your feedback. And we approach things with energy and agility, so that we keep progressing and keep doing better.

Are we delivering on our promises?

Each year we conduct a customer survey to find out how we are performing against our promises and measure customer satisfaction of our service. You can view our latest survey results here and see how we measure up.

We firmly believe in listening and responding to our customers so we can continually improve. If you would like to give us any feedback, compliments or have a complaint about any aspect of our service, please do contact us.

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