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Rampion offshore wind turbine from above

The Crown Estate’s response to the Electricity Networks Commissioner’s report


The demands on the UK’s energy networks are increasing faster than ever. While exciting new technologies have a critical role to play in meeting this demand and supporting our Net Zero ambitions, it is clear more needs to be done to ensure our national networks can keep pace with this innovation and the additional capacity which will be needed in the coming years.

At The Crown Estate we share the ambitions set out in the Electricity Networks Commissioner’s report to accelerate the transformation of the UK’s electricity system, and its acknowledgement of the critical role offshore renewables will have to play as we move forward, alongside our own role in the management of the seabed.

Offshore wind is on track to deliver almost half of all electricity for UK homes by the end of the year. However, energy is just one of a myriad and complex mix of demands on the UK seabed, and a more holistic view is needed if we are to support the growth of offshore renewables alongside other vital industries, while protecting and enhancing the precious marine environment.

We are already rising to this challenge; combining our spatial mapping expertise, our cross-sector overview of seabed demands, new digital capabilities and inputs from our partners to deliver the most sophisticated digital scenario-mapping exercise in our history to inform a joint plan for how we, with our partners, can co-ordinate competing seabed demands and unlock the seabed’s potential to support vital industries, net zero and nature recovery for the long-term.This report highlights the vital importance of this work and we look forward to working with our full range of stakeholders to play our part in the required revolution of the UK’s energy system.

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