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The curved road of Regent Street

Locals to have say on future of Regent Street

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Westminster City Council is set to begin work on long-term plans for the future of Regent Street.

The project will be essential for the West End’s post pandemic renewal, helping to ensure its ongoing relevance for London and standing as a global destination.

It will seek to improve safety, enhance accessibility and have a focus on sustainability, ensuring it is a welcoming and attractive environment for everyone – residents, visitors, workers and businesses.

As part of the authority’s commitment to thorough engagement, local resident groups, businesses, and neighbouring property owners will be central to the project from an early stage.

The announcement follows the recent publication of proposed improvements for nearby Oxford Street which will see widened pavements, improved lighting and greening between Marble Arch and Tottenham Court Road. Development of any scheme for Regent Steet will be mindful of Oxford Street and other infrastructure projects in the surrounding area.

During the pandemic the Council worked in partnership with The Crown Estate to install a temporary scheme in the interest of public safety. The scheme delivered over 5,000 square metres of increased pedestrian space, 330 planters, 60 mature trees for the first time on Regent Street, and improved provision for cyclists.

In discussion with our resident communities, we understand that there are some local improvements we can make in the meantime, as well as continued monitoring of the temporary scheme to inform the future of Regent Street. We will also be considering changes to local roads and how traffic operates.

To allow time for thorough consultation with all of the stakeholders involved, the Council will start a traffic management order consultation to retain the existing temporary scheme.

Regent Street has a character and charm which makes it a tourist attraction and instantly recognisable in films or on post cards. As home to global brands and flagship stores the street is also an important economic asset to Westminster. We need to look carefully at the measures which will help maintain its status as a leading attraction whilst keeping in mind the impact on the surrounding area. Some of the temporary measures introduced during the pandemic have worked well but we know that the support and input of local people will crucial if we are to make the scheme work in the long term. So we will be asking for feedback and ideas before bringing forward firm proposals.

Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development Geoff Barraclough