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The Crown Estate announces re-appointment of Dan Labbad as Chief Executive for a second term

The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate’s Board has unanimously agreed to extend Dan Labbad’s contract for a second four-year term, noting his critical role in the successful continued implementation of the business’s strategy as well as his track record to date.

Since joining The Crown Estate as Chief Executive in December 2019, Dan’s achievements have included leading the business’s response to Covid-19, setting The Crown Estate’s new ambitious strategy, building the leadership team, responding to digital disruption and the signing of Agreements for Lease in relation to the Offshore Wind Leasing Round 4 programme. Dan’s second term as Chief Executive and Second Commissioner will begin on 1 January 2024, subject to concluding the process for renewal, including his Royal Warrant.

Sir Robin Budenberg, Chair of The Crown Estate said: “We are fortunate to have a Chief Executive with Dan’s qualities and experience and his first term has involved many substantial achievements. On the back of this performance the Board unanimously agreed to extend Dan’s term for a further four years, seeing his continuation in role as crucial to the successful progression of The Crown Estate’s strategy, ensuring we continue to deliver value for the country today as well as to lay the foundations for future impact and performance. We are delighted that Dan is prepared to commit to his role for a further four years.”

Dan Labbad, Chief Executive of The Crown Estate added: “I am delighted to be asked to remain as Chief Executive for a second term, at such a pivotal moment for The Crown Estate. It truly is a remarkable organisation with an unparalleled opportunity to make a significant difference for the nation, its finances, and its future. I am excited by what we can achieve, working together with our stakeholders and partners, over the course of the next four years and am grateful to the Board for their continued support.”