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The Home of Urban Excellence inspiring the next generation of Londoners opens in the West End

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A centre for urban excellence is opening in the heart of London’s West End, offering an engaging environment for young people to explore, learn, and express themselves whilst revitalising urban space in central London. The new centre has been created by Arts ARKADE in partnership with The Crown Estate, which has leased the space at the southern end of Regent Street on Piccadilly Circus.

The Arts ARKADE West End hub will host a series of programmes across music, gaming, movement, sport, fashion and art, catering to all levels of experience from beginners to established talent. Arts ARKADE hopes to inspire the next generation of innovators and creators through its pioneering programmes, hosted by talent across music, sports, dance and fashion. The programmes will give young people tools and increased knowledge in urban arts, sports and technology, equipping them with the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly complex world.

Arts ARKADE will open its doors tonight (25th January) with an evening of urban arts performances and a panel discussion introducing the music programme. There will also be a hands-on demonstration of Arts ARKADE’S technology. Arts ARKADE’s vision is to use technology to build a new generation of urban artists - using Augmented Reality, generative AI and spatial computing technologies. The result will be a platform that offers immersive experiences in and around Piccadilly, as well as allowing young people across the UK to take part in Arts ARKADE programmes.

As one of the largest landowners in the West End, The Crown Estate has a clear vision to establish a more accessible, welcoming, and diverse London. The work that is being undertaken with Arts ARKADE has this goal in mind, as the organisations have a shared vision to improve the cultural and educational landscape of the Capital. The well-rounded offer in the West End of world-class workplaces, retail, leisure, and cultural spaces allows young businesses to flourish, which makes it the perfect location for Arts ARKADE’s flagship centre. Arts ARKADE is an example of how The Crown Estate is leveraging its portfolio to invest in the future of London, not only building a hub for arts and technology, but also reshaping how young people develop skills and welcoming new groups of people to the heart of the West End.

Simon Harding-Roots, Managing Director of The Crown Estate’s London Portfolio, commented: “Arts ARKADE is a great step in continuing to evolve the West End and ensuring it remains relevant, creating a new, safe and dynamic space for young people to connect, share ideas and grow together. I’ve seen first-hand how expectations for urban spaces have evolved following the pandemic. Our work with Arts ARKADE demonstrates the opportunity that we have as a major landowner and place-creator to deliver new buildings and places that support London and its people to thrive.”

Túndé ỌlátúnjI, Arts ARKADE CEO, commented: “Opening Arts ARKADE in the West End is an incredibly exciting moment for the next generation of Londoners. We are building a platform at the intersection of arts, sports and technology for young people. Arts ARKADE will help regenerate, and make urban centres more inclusive, whilst supporting the vision of London as the leading global destination for urban culture.”

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