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Two people seated by planters in Regent Street


Regent Street

In 2021, The Crown Estate and Westminster City Council delivered interim plans for Regent Street, to help create a greener, safer and more accessible West End.

Watch our video to see the new space take shape.

The plans were introduced to respond to the need for more pavement space on Regent Street to support social distancing and replace the temporary barriers that were in place from May 2020. Designed on a temporary basis, these plans were put in place for an interim period and allowed us to trial and learn from the street.

What was delivered as part of the interim plans?

  • Wider pavements –approximately 5,000 square meters of additional space for pedestrians, to improve visitors’ experience, support social distancing and improve accessibility

  • Reduced traffic lanes – with road space reduced to a single vehicle lane in each direction.

  • Improved provision for cyclists – including the introduction of cycle lanes and new cycle parking hubs and stands

  • Enhanced bus stops – with accessible boarding and space for waiting

  • Sustainable tree planting and greenery - helping to boost biodiversity and improve air quality

  • New seating - creating places for people to pause and rest.

The Future of Regent Street

The temporary scheme was delivered on an interim basis.

Westminster City Council and The Crown Estate are now working together to develop a long-term vision for the design of the public space along and around Regent Street.

Westminster City Council is the local highways authority, and The Crown Estate is the landowner and custodian of the buildings on Regent Street.

Together we want to ensure that Regent Street remains a vibrant place in the West End and responds to shared opportunities and challenges in a changing world. We are undertaking engagement and welcoming feedback to help to shape the future of this world-famous London destination and create the best experience for everyone.

You can find out more at: The future of Regent Street | Westminster City Council