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Floating Offshore Wind Leasing Round 5

Project Development Areas

We have identified three fixed-boundary Project Development Areas (PDAs) of up to 1.5GW each, giving an opportunity to deliver up to 4.5GW of floating offshore wind overall - enough to provide clean, renewable energy for more than four million homes.

They all benefit from good wind resource and are as close as practicable to grid connections and key port infrastructure, given the significance of other interests closer inshore.

The PDAs are defined areas of seabed with fixed boundaries and geographical locations that define the maximum allowable extent of the floating offshore wind farms. Successful Bidders in Round 5 will have the flexibility to develop multiple Projects and Phases within the boundary of a PDA, subject to minimum and maximum Project and Phase capacity limits.

This approach allows developers to tailor their project development strategy to match their risk appetite and investment objectives, and allows the supply chain to iteratively build capacity and capability to serve this new market.

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Full details on the PDAs and how we identified them can be found in our Information Memorandum and supporting documents in the Document Library.