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The Crown Estate Youth Panel

Meet the Youth Panellists


18, Redbridge

Interests and passions

Cooking, Learning new things, music and languages.

Proudest achievement to date

I started working as a classroom assistant when I was 14 in a STEAM holiday club (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) and since then I have been given various responsibilities and gained many skills.


Organisation and seeing things from the persperctive of others.

Two things I would like to develop on this programme

Leadership and confidence.

Long-term aspirations

I hope to become a lawyer specialising in either Property or Intellectual Property law.

What I would like to learn about The Crown Estate

I hope to learn more about how the The Crown Estate is involved in my future and what skills I can learn to use in other aspects of my life.

Favourite place/space to visit in London

Oxford Circus at Christmas because its such a nice comforting place to visit in the winter.

Youth panel

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