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Our Youth Panel


20, Hillingdon

Interests and passions

Sustainability, psychology, and sports/staying active.

Proudest achievement to date

Completing my Advanced 1 Ballet exam at the RAD HQ.


Self-reflection, empathy, and organisation/attention to detail.

Two things I would like to develop on this programme

Self-confidence/public speaking, and communication - specifically within a team.

Long-term aspirations

I’d like to become a therapist/counsellor, and aspire to set up a ‘pay for someone else’s time’ scheme where people can pay for someone else, who is less fortunate than them, to have 1-2-1 professional therapy and support.

What I would like to learn about The Crown Estate

How they are striving for a more sustainable future and how I can help.

Favourite place/space to visit in London

Covent Garden - it always has seasonal greenery everywhere you look and has very prominent brands - it doesn’t feel too industrialised due to the older architecture.

Youth panel

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