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The Crown Estate Youth Panel

Meet the Youth Panellists


17, Tower Hamlets

Interests and passions

Playing the piano, sports, and sustainability.

Proudest achievement to date

Achieving the highest GCSE results in my school.


Determination, work ethic, and sports.

Two things I would like to develop on this programme

Public speaking and networking skills.

Long-term aspirations

I aspire to go to Cambridge University to read Land Economy. While I have yet to commit to one career path, I would love to work in sustainable urban development or environmental consultancy.

What I would like to learn about The Crown Estate

I would love to learn more about the policies that The Crown Estate and its projects (both urban and regional) abide by, to ensure social inclusivity and environmental sustainability.

Favourite place/space to visit in London

My favourite place to visit in London is Covent Garden.

While this area is undoubtedly an economic asset to London, its appeal to me is its warm and cosy atmosphere. The area's offerings change from season to season, so there is always something new to see; I particularly enjoy visiting the winter lights and pop-up shops. It is a vibrant and familiar place, perfect for socialising.

Youth panel

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