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The Crown Estate Youth Panel

Meet the Youth Panellists


16, Lambeth

Interests and passions

Debating, working toward social mobility and politics

Proudest achievement to date

Becoming a Lambeth Youth Councillor - I advocate for young people in the borough in front of important decision-makers and carry out my initiative within a team to benefit the community. Overall, it is a wholesome experience.


Leadership skills, Sociability, and Confidence.

Two things I would like to develop on this programme

Articulation and critical thinking skills, so I can publicly speak in a clear, coherent, and well-spoken manner. Also to analyze a situation, clearly and rationally, to provide my opinions and judgement.

Long-term aspirations

I aspire to go to university and study International Relations. I would love a career where I can discover various cultures and build relationships with people all around the world whilst making an impact.

What I would like to learn about The Crown Estate

I am interested in the organisational processes that go into developing all the various estates, and the decision process that goes into deciding what firms or businesses should own buildings within the estate.

Favourite place/space to visit in London

Central London (Oxford Circus Street & Leicester Square in particular) - plenty of restaurants, retail stores, cinemas and more. Great place for my friends and I to go and is very accessible. It is very bright in these areas all throughout the day and night - considerably a safe space.

Youth panel

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