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The Crown Estate Youth Panel

Meet the Youth Panellists


16, Hammersmith & Fulham

Interests and passions

I’ve loved coding for 8 years. Being creative -designing & creating video games.

Proudest achievement to date

My GCSE results. I moved to the UK from South Africa last year May.

Coming into Year 11, I only had one year to complete the 2-year syllabus. I achieved 8s & 9s for most subjects, and passed both English subjects.


Coding! Developing my skills to enable a program to complete complex tasks. I’m good at explaining complicated programming concepts in a simplified manner.

Two things I would like to develop on this programme

Improve my communication skills in terms of confidence & clarity, & confidence in general. Also, to talk more naturally to adults who can influence future careers, which can be overwhelming.

Long-term aspirations

To be a software developer in the technology industry. I’m not sure about specifics, but I’m passionate about tech and it’s advancements!

What I would like to learn about The Crown Estate

To learn about ideas for future improvements, especially related to being eco-friendly and how TCE finds a balance between keeping heritage whilst adjusting to new situations without compromising on historical significance.

Favourite place/space to visit in London

I’m still relatively new to the UK, but I really appreciate going to my local Ravenscourt park. It’s a safe and quiet space to be alone, and where I can feel burden free.

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