02 July 2018

Alison Nimmo to step down next year after 8 years as CEO of The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate announced today that Alison Nimmo CBE, will not seek a third term as Chief Executive Officer and will step down at the end of December 2019, after completing her second four year term. 

Chairman, Robin Budenberg, said: “Two full terms as Chief Executive will mark an exceptional and dedicated eight years during which time Alison has built a talented team, transformed the business and delivered outstanding results. I respect Alison’s decision and appreciate her giving us early notice so that we have plenty of time to find a successor, enabling a smooth leadership transition. Alison will be in post for another 18 months, over what will be a busy and exciting time and is absolutely committed to delivering continued outperformance, with pace and ambition. So, for the time being it’s very much business as usual.”

CEO Alison Nimmo said “We have now embarked on the next phase of our transformation to a business focused more on customer and strategic services, leveraging our scale and deep expertise. This transformation will need a CEO with a long term commitment and so next year is the right time for me to ‘pass the baton’ to a new leader. I’ve loved my time at The Crown Estate and am proud to have built such a talented leadership team so that I know I will leave the business in very capable hands. But I’m not going anywhere for the next 18 months and I look forward to another very busy and exciting year, after which I hope to continue to pursue my passion for sustainable cities; leading great teams; and working with purpose driven businesses.” 

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