26 February 2018

Rights to extract tin and other minerals off the Cornish coast to be considered by The Crown Estate

We have today announced that we will consider offering rights to extract tin and other minerals lying on or under the seabed off the coast of Cornwall. We are opening the potential offer in response to market interest in deposits of tin and other minerals in Cornwall. 

Parties can register their interest in the potential offer from noon on Monday 5th March 2018. Registrations must be made via our eTender portal: The registration of interest will close at noon on Thursday 29th March 2018.

Rights could extend up to 12 nautical miles offshore and any tender process will require applicants to demonstrate that they meet high technical, financial and environmental performance standards. Applicants must also demonstrate how they intend to engage and work with local stakeholders and other parties in the area.

Should rights be granted, they would initially provide the opportunity to explore the potential mineral resources and would not amount to permission to carry out extraction activity. Permission for extraction would require, in addition to mineral rights from The Crown Estate, a full environmental impact assessment, public consultation and a statutory consent from the relevant regulatory body or authority.

Applications of interest will be assessed independently by technical specialists. Depending on the level of interest received, The Crown Estate recognises that the assessment process could take some time and does not expect to award rights before 2019.

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