14 February 2020

The Crown Estate announces the arrival of the Breitling Townhouse to Regent Street

Swiss luxury watchmaker Breitling is opening its new UK flagship boutique and townhouse on Regent Street, The Crown Estate’s world-renowned shopping destination.

The Breitling Townhouse is the latest addition to the brand’s expanding global boutique network and will house its largest European boutique. Opening on Saturday 15 February, The Breitling Townhouse will spans eight floors in the most desirable retail neighbourhood in the UK, signalling the strength and position of the brand in the market. 

Within the Townhouse, the boutique spans 210m² over two and a half floors including mezzanine and basement bar and lounge, features Breitling’s unique design concept - a contemporary urban interpretation of an industrial loft, offering customers a relaxed yet sophisticated ambience to explore the brand’s revered collections – a bold contrast to classical luxury retail brand environments.

Georges Kern, Breitling CEO said: "The Breitling Townhouse extends our loft concept, creating a stylish, cool and informal environment in an iconic London location that perfectly welcomes our customers and also reflects the inclusive character of our brand. It is significant that the Townhouse is located in the UK as our second largest global market, and we are thrilled to cement our commitment to the UK though this new home."

Breitling UK Managing Director Gavin Murphy is thrilled to have a location so ideally suited to sharing Breitling’s stories with visitors already familiar with the brand as well as with new customers: “With our new design concept we are respecting our long, impressive heritage, but are doing so by creating a relaxed, stylish environment. For long-time Breitling fans, it will feel like home but we are also opening our doors to a new generation of Breitling enthusiasts.”

The Crown Estate’s Katerina Mercury adds: “We are delighted to welcome Breitling, another global brand which has chosen to establish its flagship home on Regent Street. The Breitling Townhouse has embraced the heritage of Regent Street and the building, with a stunning industrial interior bringing the brand to life.” 

To complement the pared back industrial aesthetic, Breitling has seamlessly incorporated the Townhouse’s original architectural features, such as the generous windows and high ceilings in its design rhetoric. A spotlight falls on the ornate cast iron lift, restored to its original condition to serve the buildings eight floors once again. General lighting suspended on tracks protects the heritage cornices and frieze, and the perfect pairing of vintage and contemporary is brought together with the inclusion of a custom chandelier. The interior is inspired by mid-twentieth-century industrial design, a nod to the time when Breitling timepieces and measuring tools earned the brand its reputation for the world’s greatest chronographs. 

On the ground floor, timepieces are presented within stunning industrial vitrine display cases together with a unique Watch Bar whose yellow grid back panel recalls the colour that has long been associated with the brand. Downstairs, the Loft is home to the house bar and lounge - a perfect backdrop for exploring the latest collections exceptionally presented within the bespoke pool table, side consoles and bookshelves. Modern-retro abides throughout with details such as aircraft propellers, a motorcycle and surf boards alongside hand-crafted furniture, vividly bringing to life the ultra-cool world of Breitling.

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