18 November 2021

The Crown Estate partners with BAFTA to promote learning and talent development

The Crown Estate has partnered with BAFTA to support the redevelopment of 195 Piccadilly, which will be a centre of excellence for the creative industries, and will include the charity’s first ever dedicated space for learning and talent development programmes.

This is a unique initiative that builds on work The Crown Estate has been doing to support culture in its destinations and promote employability skills to young people, such as retail and hospitality training to support its customers.

The partnership supports BAFTA and The Crown Estate’s shared ambitions to remove barriers to opportunity for all, regardless of background, and help young people to develop key employability skills.    

The redevelopment of 195 Piccadilly will enable BAFTA to relaunch its learning and talent development programme in 2022, engaging online, and equipping 80,000 people a year with the tools to develop a career in film, games and television via events, competitions and initiatives.

BAFTA has installed state-of-the-art technology making 195 Piccadilly a truly world-class space, providing innovative facilities for live, virtual or hybrid events.

Sarah Parish, Customer Partnership Manager at The Crown Estate, said: “This is the first partnership of its kind for The Crown Estate. It is a pilot for how we want to work with our customers and communities in the future, as we move away from the traditional ‘landlord-tenant’ relationship and support our communities and customers in new and innovative ways."

“BAFTA is a world leading arts charity and has been a long-standing customer of ours and we are pleased to be able to partner with them to achieve our shared vision for a more inclusive and diverse industry. We look forward to seeing how we can bring this initiative into our communities, beyond London, in the future.”

Amanda Berry OBE, Chief Executive at BAFTA, said: “We are thrilled to have the support of The Crown Estate for our new creative hub at 195 Piccadilly. Following the impact of Covid-19 we know that young people and career starters in the creative industries need support more than ever. The re-development of 195 Piccadilly and the opportunities it will make possible will allow BAFTA to deliver a learning and new talent development programme that enables talented individuals, regardless of their background or circumstances, to build careers in the film, games and television industries.”

Due to formally re-open in 2022, 195 Piccadilly will be a creative centre for film, games and television and the central hub for BAFTA’s UK-wide, and global, learning and talent development programme.

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