09 August 2018

A recipe for a better food future

To coincide with WWF’s Earth Hour in March 2018, we partnered with a dozen restaurants across Regent Street and St James’s Market on the ‘One Planet Plate’ campaign, a worldwide movement which demonstrates how food can help us live better on planet earth.

The campaign, spearheaded by The Sustainable Restaurant Association, invites chefs to create new dishes that help tackle some of the big food sustainability issues. We encouraged our restauranteurs to flex their culinary muscles and get involved.

Chefs responded with the creative flair that their restaurants are known for. ‘Celebrate local’ dishes used locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. ‘More veg’ recipes put plant-based produce in the limelight. ‘Better meat’ meals inspired diners to eat high-welfare meat. ‘Waste no food’ saw chefs rethinking how food surplus could be used. ‘Source fish sustainably’ aimed to help keep our oceans healthy for years to come. ‘Low carbon footprint’ cut the use of natural resources from farm to fork.

Diners were given delicious new menu options that reflected their own concerns about food sustainability, giving them the chance to make a difference simply by ordering one of these dishes. The campaign also tempted diners to try new places to eat, discovering the many outstanding restaurants that Regent Street and St James’s Market have to offer.

We’re now exploring opportunities for One Planet Plates to feature on menus for the long-term, engaging restaurants and diners to support sustainable food practices. It’s hard to think of a better way for chefs to showcase their creativity and demonstrate how they’re tackling problems in our food system.

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