30 July 2018

Happy Birthday to Rushden Lakes

This past Saturday, 28th July, marked the one year anniversary since Rushden Lakes welcomed its very first visitors. Since then, this unique shopping and leisure destination in the heart of Northamptonshire has welcomed over 4.5 million people.

Set beside 200 acres of Nene Wetlands Nature Reserve, the 380,000 sq. ft Rushden Lakes provides a first-class shopping experience bringing together the very best in retail, leisure and dining for visitors.

In its first year, Rushen Lakes attracted more than 40 retailers including House of Fraser’s flagship new store, as well as a variety of restaurants and cafés. Rushden Lakes is also home to a number of independent retailers including local luxury fashion provider, Robert Goddard, and Bewitched coffee, a local café operator.

With a backdrop of stunning lakes and countryside, Rushden Lakes provides a range of free and paid for leisure activities, including walking, canoeing, cycling, wildlife discovery and bird watching. Over the course of the last year, the Nene Wetlands Nature Reserve has become a heronry for the first time with 13 grey heron nests dotted around the lake. The Wildlife Trust believes little egrets, a species of small heron, have arrived for the first time. In the woodland area on the reserve, lesser spotted woodpeckers have been seen, which we’re delighted about as they have been listed as a bird of conservational concern.

Inspired by the wildlife on the reserve, birthday celebrations began last week with the Rushden Lakes bird friendly bird-day cake. The cake was made from seeds and lard for the park’s feathery friends to enjoy. Visitors were also invited to take a slice home to feed birds in their own gardens. Celebrations continues until Sunday 5th August with the Rushden Lakes Small Steps to Sustainability campaign. Shoppers can claim a sustainably sourced, eco-friendly reusable cup to take home, which we hope will create awareness to the effects of plastic on the environment.

What's next?

In its second year Rushden Lakes will see further development offering more reasons for people to come and explore. Over the summer, the new East Terrace will open with five new stores and spring 2019 will see the arrival of the new leisure terrace, complete with a 14-screen Cineworld cinema, restaurants and cafes and other leisure operators.

Just as importantly, we will continue to work closely with the Wildlife Trust to support them in actively managing and preserving the surrounding wetlands, and with our retailers to support long-term sustainability, health and wellbeing.

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