09 May 2019

Waste not want not: Regent Street and St James's lead the way on cutting food waste

Every year, an estimated one third of all food produced around the world is wasted. It is no surprise that food waste reduction is identified by the United Nation as one of its Sustainable Development Goals.

Across Regent Street and St James’s – home to some of the capital’s most innovative and distinctive eateries – we saw an opportunity to make a difference on this global issue by launching the UK’s first Food Waste Pledge, supporting our restauranteurs to reduce their food waste by 25% by May 2020. 

This ambitious goal is inspired by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 12, which focusses on responsible consumption and production, aiming to reduce food waste by 50% per capita by 2030. It exceeds the UK’s Courtauld Commitment, which strives for 25% reduction by 2025.

In the UK, the food service industry wastes enough food to fill The Shard nearly 11 times every year. Shockingly, if taken as a country, food waste in landfill would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases behind the U.S. and China. And the issue isn’t just environmental, it’s costly too – an average of one in six restaurant meals is wasted across the country, resulting in a loss of £2.5 billion each year for the hospitality sector. 

With the launch of our Food Waste Pledge, we have brought together 11 forward-thinking restauranteurs across Regent Street and St James’s to spearhead our mission to help tackle the issue, helping to reduce our environmental impact and ensure our destinations remain sustainable and resilient for the long-term.

It also offers a brilliant opportunity to support our customers’ business success, helping them improve the efficiency of their operations and reach a new and growing audience of diners making environmentally conscious choices.

The pioneering restaurants taking part are Brasserie Zedel, Café Murano, Frescobaldi, Hawksmoor Air Street, Hotel Café Royal, Ikoyi, Ralph’s Coffee and Bar, Scully, Sketch, Stem and Tibits. We have also taken the pledge at our own HQ, working with our catering partner Vacherin, our in-house café who has made a commitment to reduce food waste. Working in partnership with the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA), we will be supporting these restaurateurs across our portfolio, with training workshops, sharing best practice and learnings, and bringing awareness to their fantastic efforts.

Today’s launch is just the start, we will continue to encourage and welcome other restaurants to join the commitment, amplifying the knowledge and impact. We will also be sharing the lessons we learn along the way with the SRA, to help inform the guidance they can offer to restaurants across the country on best practice for waste reduction. 

You can stay in touch on Regent Street's and St James's activities around this pledge by visiting their websites.

Regent’s Street Food Waste Pledge
St James’s Food Waste Pledge

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