18 June 2020

The Crown Estate 2019 Offshore Wind Operational Report demonstrates strength and maturity of the UK offshore wind industry

Less than 20 years on from the first offshore turbines being installed in British waters at Blyth in Northumberland, the UK remains number one in the world for offshore wind installed capacity, a testament to the professionalism and vitality of the UK offshore wind sector.

In May, we published our eighth annual Offshore Wind Operational Report, offering an in-depth insight into the UK’s offshore wind fleet, as well as the sector’s continued progress on data-gathering, skills and health and safety.

Highlights from the report include:

  • Total electricity production: 32TWh of UK offshore wind electricity produced – that's enough to supply 30% of UK homes.
  • New capacity: 1.8 GW of new wind farm capacity became fully operational.

  • Total capacity: UK retained its title as number one in the world for offshore wind installed capacity, with 14GW of total capacity either fully operational (9.7 GW) or under construction (4.4 GW).
  • World’s largest offshore wind farm: Hornsea 1, off the east coast of England, became the largest offshore wind farm in the world, capable of supplying the energy needs of one million UK homes.

The report also features insights from:

  • Our Marine Data Exchange, the first online portal to manage survey data collected throughout the lifetime of offshore wind farms.
  • The safe decommissioning of Blyth, the UK's first ever wind turbines installed in UK waters.
  • The skills development initiatives that are paving the way for a diverse and robust workforce for the industry. 

Adrian Fox, Head of Offshore Assets at The Crown Estate said: “This year’s Offshore Operational Wind Report underscores the UK’s industry growth from demonstration to a mature world-class industry in less than 20 years. The long-term outlook for the years and decades ahead remains robust, given added momentum by the UK’s inspiring 2050 Net Zero commitment.”

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